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About Our Church


You're welcome at St Matts church, whoever you are and no matter what you're going through. For, just as Jesus welcomes us into the family of God, we welcome all who come to our community.


Our Sunday services are relaxed and uplifting with talks from the Bible that are grounded in life and songs that get everyone up and praising God.


Come as you are – Sundays 10.00 am.


We are a contemporary Anglican Church which places a strong emphasis on God speaking to us through the Bible.


We believe that we shouldn’t just listen to God’s word, but that we are called to live it out everyday.


In this way, we honour the Lord and bring blessing to our lives and the lives of those around us.


Our church community is joyful, with people who look to Jesus as their hope in the midst of the highs and lows of life.


The atmosphere is warm and friendly as we journey through life together and encourage each other to grow to maturity in Christ.

We prioritise getting to know each other and treating everyone with the dignity and respect that the image of God they are created in requires. 

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