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S.O.A.P. for your Soul!

Here's a way to study the Bible on your own or with others. S.O.A.P. can help to refresh us spiritually at any time, but especially when we are unable to meet together as the body of Christ.

We encourage you to set aside time to intentionally come together in praise, prayer, worship and celebration.

1. Begin with Praise (Read a Psalm of praise to help focus your devotion.) 2 Read a Bible passage of your choosing - eg. John's Gospel Have a piece of paper and a pen handy and complete S.O.A.P. on the passage

S = Scripture verse/s (choose a verse you wish to focus on -write it down)

O = Observation (what do you notice in this verse, what strikes you etc)

A = Application (how does this verse apply to your life?)

P = Prayer (talk to God about what you've learned) 3. Pray and Praise God together seeking the infilling of the Holy Spirit 4. Finish your time with Worship (a favourite Christian song could be used)


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